Vision & Mission



As the creator of a brand, one must possess a clear vision of what you want your brand to be. Your vision defines who you are, what you want to do and where you want to go. Your vision cannot be unclear. It needs to be developed, detailed and definite. It needs to be clear. Your vision has got lot to do with how your journey is going to be in future.

The vision is to create a premiere design academy which is globally recognized for its educational experience, knowledge, and outreach and is able to transform young youth through career focused creative design education into good human beings, globally employable professionals, leading in multitasking along with deep and keen knowledge that makes them highly mature, productive and profit-making professionals who can fit in everywhere and surpass the industry expectations.


MIFA’s mission is to prepare students for professional excellence in various dimensions of design through rigorous and adaptable academic programs, enriched experiential learning and innovative partnerships in order to face global challenges. The institute aim is to provide a platform for aspiring students to acquire the necessary skills in Fashion Designing to make relevant, beautiful, trendy and sustainable fashion for the future.

Design as a Career

Career in art and design is all about creating things which are appealing to the eye. It is a highly developed field that requires trained people who are creatively innovative and artistic. For every creative mind out there, this course can be an outlet to both creative and practical worlds .Being a fashion designer you have the sole right to create your art and see it getting live which can be a good news for your fashion designing career. When normal people hear ‘fashion designing’ the next thing they can think of is about top-class couture and runways. For others, it can end up here, but as a fashion designer, you can expand your horizon. Note, the sky is the limit when it comes to being creative. This proves that fashion has no limits when you can think par excellence.

Fashion is a fast-paced industry, which is constantly changing. If you don’t want to just work in the fashion industry, but actually become the driving force behind it, then you need to start with the basics. Doing undergraduate studies in Fashion Design will help you understand everything about fashion design history, manipulating clothing textiles, sketching and drawing clothes, fashion events, or managing a fashion house.

Career Opportunities

Exposure is necessary for anyone trying to build a brand, blog or business.

With exposure comes more opportunities. Use these opportunities as a way to build your network, resume and overall street credit in the fashion industry.

We welcome you to our world of creative opportunities.

The Fashion Design Course prepares students to pursue careers such as:

  • Fashion Designers
  • Textile Designers
  • Merchandisers
  • Freelance Design Consultants
  • Stylists
  • Visual Display Experts
  • Fashion and Lifestyle Journalists
  • Fabric Coordinators
  • Costume Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Entrepreneurs and as Managers in several fashion segments.